Phil Santoro

I co-founded Wilbur Labs, a startup studio turning bold ideas into market-leading companies. Every day, we work to solve large problems, build, and scale companies. Since 2016, Wilbur Labs has built and invested in 21 companies.

I founded my first technology company in 2003 at the age of 14, and I love sharing my learnings and answering common founder questions on the Wilbur Labs Founder FAQ series and through articles in Inc. Magazine, Fast Company, and Entrepreneur Magazine.

Previously, I was a Growth Strategist at Google, and before that, I founded, a platform allowing anyone to create a forum. became one of the top online destinations in 2007, receiving over 125 million monthly pageviews, and was acquired by a public company in 2010.

Outside of work, I’m a Private Pilot and also broke a Guinness World Record for competitive eating in 2014. I live in San Francisco, California with my wife Rubi.

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